Bible Studies

Cheyenne Round Pen

Russell Hall

  • Monday 7:00pm
  • Children’s Building, large room to right, end of hall

Men's Round Pen 2

Darryl Johnson

  • Monday 7:00pm
  • Youth Building

Women's Round Pen 2

Janey Crawford

  • Monday 7:00pm
  • Children’s Building, take right, first room to the right

Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Study

Jen Mathis

  • Tuesday 9:00am
  • Children’s Building

Family Roping Round Pen

Brett Wells

  • Monday 7:00pm
  • Arena

Love & Respect Round Pen

  • Tuesdays 7:00pm
  • Office Conference Room

Lindale/Van Barn Fellowship

Marie Wilson

  • 3rd Tuesday
  • Wilson Home

College & Career

Mark & Sandy Johnson

  • Monday 7:00pm
  • Ranch House (double wide behind the Arena)